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Sinus Augmentation


The upper back teeth are usually situated immediately beneath the sinus. The bone height between the floor of the sinus and the root of the molar is often thin or absent.


If bone gets lost in that area due to tooth loss or periodontal disease, sinus augmentation will be indicated to regenerate enough bone in height and width for the placement of dental implants.


Surgical exposure of the deficient area is necessary to raise the sinus floor. The gums are lifted away from the ridge and the sinus cavity is accessed from the side through a trapdoor-like preparation. The space underneath will then be filled with bone graft material and the gums are repositioned and secured with sutures.


The surgical area is allowed to heal for 6 to 12 months after which the implant is placed. In some cases, implants can be placed simultaneously with the sinus augmentation procedure.