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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full Mouth Reconstruction


People who have many missing teeth or severe deterioration of most teeth may require a full mouth reconstruction using a combination of restorations - veneers, crowns, bridges, dental implants or partial dentures. The oral cavity is a dynamic environment where changes constantly occur, sometimes quickly but more often slowly over time. Changes can be due to a traumatic accident, periodontal disease, shifting teeth, a lifetime of neglect, a destructive habit such as grinding, or a lifetime of dentistry focusing on one tooth at a time and leaving the mouth resembling a patchwork quilt.


Full-mouth reconstruction draws on all the skills and expertise of the Prosthodontist. Multi-disciplinary treatment is used to restore a broken down mouth to pristine condition. The aim is to reduce the need for future dentistry, improve the lifespan of the teeth and rejuvenate the smile.