The Atrium Clinic

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Practice Type

Our practice is a fee-for-service private practice. Fees are due at the time of treatment.


All patients are seen for an initial consultation to determine their treatment needs. At the time the consultation is booked the fee for this visit will be outlined to the patient. Fees for different treatments are discussed as part of the consultation visit. Once a course of treatment is agreed between the dentist and patient, a quotation is provided. No patient starts treatment without full knowledge of treatment fees.

We do not discuss fees over the phone without an initial consultation. 

PRSI/Medical Card

We do not operate under the PRSI or medical card schemes. 

Dental Insurance 

Some patients are covered in part by a dental insurance scheme. We will help a patient in whatever way possible, to apply for reimbursement under these schemes.

Tax Rebate - Med 2 Scheme

Many of the dental treatments that we provide are eligible for a tax credit under the Med 2 scheme. Currently, this allows a tax refund at the standard tax rate. A Med 2 form is provided at the end of treatment or at the end of the tax year upon the request of the patient. This form is processed by your accountant or payroll department.

Once a course of treatment is agreed we are happy to outline which treatments are eligible for income tax relief.